Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lenovo S410p Touch Laptop Review

Freedom from Fear. Anti-Rootkit, Anti-malware, Traffic Filter: Secures Personal Data.

I recently bought this Lenovo S410p Touch Laptop, where it really was actually not what I'm looking for back then but turned out to be exactly what I was looking for!  Do you get what I mean?  Now I just could not live without it.  I got so used to the touch

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

West Bend Electric Can Opener Over 2,000 Unique and Exciting Toys for Children of All Ages! Click here!

Who would have thought opening cans could be an effortless, satisfying, even calming thing to do? Thanks to technology, this one of the mostly used kitchen tools is now automated and designed to make any chef, mom, dad, or teenager's life easier and cooler than ever! The West Bend Electric Can Opener is truly a masterpiece for anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tommee Tippee Pacifier

Baby could be fussy at times but won't drink milk, you probably had baby burp too but is still cranky, and isn't interested in playing peek-a-boo.  He seems sleepy but just won't sleep.  What could he want?  Something to soothe him and relax him, lull him to sleep.  Aside from singing a lullaby, cradling and rocking to sleep, baby might need a pacifier.  A crying baby could be frustrating for moms and this little help from

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moy Zoo by Frojo Apps

Here's another game from Frojo Apps!  I just recently posted my review on Moy 3 - Virtual Pet Game, and now they have a new game, Moy Zoo.  This game starts with me given a small land which is setup with an entrance and a path leading inside, so I start by building

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Disney Steam Bottle Sterilizer

My steam bottle sterilizer proves to be so useful and convenient to use.  Back then I remember still using a pot to boil water, which was time consuming and also needed a lot of water.  Aside from that, bottles eventually become clouded or fogged and look old after the first few sterilizations.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maleficent 2014 Movie Review

Maleficent 2014
Angelina Jolie

First and foremost reason why I watched the Disney movie Maleficent was because it starred Angelina Jolie, otherwise I probably would not have given much attention to it.  I was wondering what it meant, because I wasn't familiar with the

Hi-5 TV Show

My toddlers are a fan of this TV show, they watch it on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.  In a way, this helps me out because during these hours of watching television, especially Hi-5, I can relax, do things around the house, or write for awhile.  All without worrying about whatever they might be doing instead, like fighting over toys,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CATerpillar Toys

Take the iconic LEGO MINI Cooper for a drive!
Kids' toys could be really expensive, then the moment you give it to a toddler, it takes only a few moments as see if it doesn't make a world record for the time it takes to get that toy broken!  Based on experience, only a few toys really make it far, only a few brands are worth the price.  I can personally attest to the sturdiness and roughness of CAT or Caterpillar toys. See cool stuf at I believe these toys are

Monday, November 10, 2014

Master Kids Ben 10 Shampoo

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

My number one and first choice on kids shampoo for my three-year-old son is Eskulin blue, I have made a review on it previously.  However, I believe mothers have that instinct to always shop for new stuff for their kids and try out new products, including checking out and smelling kids shampoos in the supermarket.

Eskulin, Disney Donald Duck Shampoo

I have used various brands of kids shampoos trying to find the right scent for my sons.  I have learned that each works differently with each of them.  One in particular, my three-year-old, perspires a lot that even his hair gets

Minecraft Pocket Edition! an Android Game

I have heard of Minecraft when it was new and rising up the ranks. Curious, I checked some reviews and was appalled by what I saw then- it was a survival type game, with blocky pixels and an open sandbox gameplay, which were 3 of my least favorite game features. If I were to review it before, I would have given it a 2, or 3

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop - Nintendo DS Game

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop has been influential to me, aside from having so much fun playing it, I have had a lot of learning experiences from it. I have learned how to prepare meals like mixing ingredients, measuring and kneading before baking, slicing and chopping vegetables, frying and boiling.  I wish I was still a little girl and this would

Flintstones Gummies Complete. Fun Vitamins!

LEGO® Juniors: Introduce your child to the world of building.

The Flintstones is a classic.  I grew up watching these cartoons and I have also taken their vitamins myself, but those were a bit hard but chewable ones.  They now have gummy vitamins, just like gummy bears only not bears but the Flintstones cast!  Though my kids do not know them because television shows have greatly

Friday, November 7, 2014

Moy 3 - Virtual Pet Game by Frojo

My eldest son recently downloaded a new game on my cellphone, and it has gone viral with his brother and myself, altogether in cellphones and tablets.  We got a cute, little purple pet to play with.  His name is Moy, and it's fun to spend time with him, or her, totally up to you.  I have been a fan of tamagotchi when I was a kid,

Joy Dishwashing Liquid, With A Touch of Olay

Without a helper, I would have to do chores myself around the house, with washing dishes a routine not only once during the day especially with kids around I have a lot of cooking and washing to do all day.  I have constantly looked for ways and things that could help me out to make my life a bit easier, and Joy Dishwashing Liquid With A Touch of Olay is one of those that I have found!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quaker Oatmeal Squares in Cinnamon Flavor

My kids love cereal anytime of the day, breakfast, snack or late night.  So do I, who doesn't?  It is delicious, nutritious and very handy for moms like me!  I have tried various kinds, and recently I ran into a new one.  Quaker brand, and all the while I had it attached to oatmeal.  Oats first registers in my mind when I hear Quaker, but their product - Quaker Oatmeal Squares with a hint of Cinnamon -  makes the difference!

EQ Colors Brand Diaper

Being a mom of four, two of which are toddlers and one newborn, makes me feel like a diaper expert.  I have tried so many brands and types to find out which would fit each child best, what would be most comfortable for them and of course, it must also work for me.  It has been a lengthy process trying to find one which does not

Frabelle Yummy Hotdog

My kids love hotdog, rarely a kid doesn't, my three-year-old son who just started talking a few weeks back said 'hot-dog' as his first non-babble word!

I have browsed and tried almost all kinds available in the grocery, looking for which is cheap that would greatly help in my food budgeting, and I literally got what I paid

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo

In my years of experience as a mom of four trying different brands which work well for my kids, so far Mothercare All We Know baby shampoo has been the most fragrant! It has a heavenly smell, so much like perfume that even I would want to put