Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tsum Tsum Game, The Fluffiest of All!

Disney Characters are timeless, and they have gathered altogether in one place in the Disney Tsum Tsum Game. You will surely recognize your favorite characters here, from when you were little to whatever age group you belong now.  From the classical Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Pooh and Friends, Bambi, to the Toy Story and Frozen, you'll see them here, only they look a lot cuter with their round baby faces, which is the trademark of the game.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BlackShark 5 Watt 350 Lumen Led Flashlight Review

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Right from the start, you will know that the BlackShark 5 Watt 350 Lumen Led Flashlight will become your long term partner in outdoor adventures. It gives a good impression right away with its high-quality, durable feel. It has an aluminum alloy casing that comes in brilliant black color and detailed modern design. Due to the LED technology built in the flashlight, the light comes across quite different than the rest, and even more beautiful in the darkness and outdoors.  The light does not look 5 Watts with the power it holds to give off light that covers incredibly large areas. The light is bright for a mini-sized tool that's just around 5.2 inches and uses only three tripleA batteries.