Saturday, October 10, 2015


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Top 10 Halloween Dog Costumes

With all the pumpkins, decors and sumptuous food you are preparing, your pooch must definitely be part of the festivities this coming Halloween. There's just one problem, tough, what would it be - Trick or treat? Hm, good question. Well, what do you think your pet will say if only he could talk? Whether or not your furry friend knows a lot of tricks beyond the sit, roll over, and shake hands, your pet sure loves a good reward. Well, you can dress your pet to impress and look simply irresistible for that yummy treat! Here are the best Halloween costumes for dogs that will make her look boo-tiful and him look spook-tacular:

Clash of Clans by Game Publisher Supercell - Android Version

Clash of Clans is a Strategy game that can be downloaded for FREE over the Play Store in your Android phone or tablet. You will need an internet connection to play. The objective of the game is to build your village and amass your army, and attack other online players! You may form an alliance with other players, or crush them into submission! The game file size is 49.65 megabytes, and with a 5 mb internet connection it takes approximately 3 minutes to download and play.