Thursday, September 10, 2015

Real Steel WRB Android Game Review

Real Steel WRB is a robot game that includes all of your favorite robots. The series is made up of UW1 which means Underworld 1, UW2 for Underworld 2, and WRB means World Robot Boxing and WRB2 for World Robot Boxing 2.

Each series has bosses namely midas, metro, twin cities and lastly Zeus. All robots are in the game including ambush, fat boy, bio war, danger zone, gambit, atom, midas, six shooter, block buster, black top, tackle, hollow jack, metro, noisy boy, camelot, grid lock, cosmo bot, wheelie, twin cities, albino, abandon, excavator fiend, touch down, crimson carnage, and zeus. The game has a multiplayer mode where you can battle your friends just turn on bluetooth or wifi. There is also the mode called free sparring, which you can choose to practice to be the best, go for rookie, ameteur, and pro mode.

There's the mystery draw - bronze silver and gold.  Bronze draw needs 2500 coins and re draw needs 500 coins, Silver draw needs 10 gold and re draw needs 1000 coins, Gold needs 12 gold and re draw needs 2 gold. You can opt to buy a pack full of robots for gold wherein a 20 robot pack contains all robots, except the facebook robots that cost 1000 gold, and the champion package contains all the champions which cost 250, and lastly, the beginner pack 2 contains some strong robots which costs 200. Sure enough, you would need to gather up energy prior to each fight and dare to fight as the Real Steel!

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